Hygrozyme Concentrate® is specifically designed with commercial growers in mind. Our formula has been created to be 5X concentrated allowing you to get more for less! Hygrozyme Concentrate® is one of the most competitively priced root enzyme-based formulas on the market, that provide a cleaner root zone! The new dosage application rate is 1.9 mL per 1 gallon of water, which means a 20 L / 5.28 gal bottle equals 100 L / 26.4 gal of our proven Hygrozyme® Original formula.

Provides a cleaner root zone
Accelerates breakdown of dead roots
Effective in all growing media & growth stages
Compatible with all nutrient & supplement programs
Supports Beneficial Microorganisms
Manufactured in a facility whose quality management is certified ISO 9001:2015

Hygrozyme Concentrate® Ingredients

Hygrozyme Concentrate contains the highly effective blend of enzymes as the original Hygrozyme that accelerates the breakdown of dead root matter. The enzymes in Hygrozyme Concentrate are specifically designed to work at their maximum strength in the pH and temperature range that is best suited for growing plants (in soil and hydroponics). It is important to have the right enzymes for the right purpose. To break down dead roots cellulase enzymes are needed, this is why we list our four main enzymes and their activity levels on our label.

Cellulase 5,000 U/mL
Xylanase 500 U/mL
Hemicellulase 375 U/mL
Beta-Glucanase 200 U/mL

Since enzymes are specific in the reactions they catalyze, a diverse variety of enzymes must be present in the root zone to carry out all the different biochemical transformations required to break down the various components of the decaying plant material.
To that effect, only when the right type of enzyme finds the right substrate, does a biochemical reaction occur. This specific interaction between an enzyme and a substrate means you don’t have to worry about undesirable effects. For instance, when cellulase breaks down cellulose, that’s all that will happen. No other material or process will be altered or affected. That’s why it is important to have a matching formula like Hygrozyme Concentrate, designed specifically to get rid of the bad without affecting the good.
To ensure full satisfaction and 100% guaranteed results, Hygrozyme Concentrate is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified production facility.

Hygrozyme Concentrate® Tissue Test

When choosing an enzyme product for plants, it is important to know if the enzyme formula contains the right enzymes to improve your indoor or outdoor grow system.

Tissue paper is essentially the same material as dead root matter (cellulose). The more the tissue paper breaks down, the higher the activity of the enzymes (cellulase enzyme) is in the product.

This simple test shows if the right enzymes are in the product to break down dead roots. Try the test at home by placing a sheet of tissue paper in a cup of enzyme product. Keep it at room temperature for 24 hours. Shake and observe to see if the tissue paper disintegrates.

Here is what you need to know to compare products

To protect consumers, many states including California and Oregon require enzyme products to list its active ingredients on the product label. Regulatory authorities ensure that the declared units of active ingredients are in fact present in the product. Check the ingredient list on the package and make sure that enzymes are actually listed by name. Enzyme names are easy to identify, as many enzyme names end in “ase” as an example active ingredients in Hygrozyme Concentrate are 5,000 U/mL cellulase, 500 U/mL xylanase, 375 U/mL hemicellulase and 200 U/mL beta-glucanase, which are also complimented by a unique blend of additional hydrolytic enzymes.

Products that break down dead root matter should be registered as an enzyme. If it’s registered as a fertilizer or not registered at all, it likely won’t help with keeping your roots clean.

If N-P-K is declared on the product label, then the product is likely registered as a fertilizer, not an enzyme. In this case, enzymes are not guaranteed as ingredients in the product.


Manufacturers can’t claim that the product “breaks down dead root matter” if the product isn’t registered as an enzyme formula. Additionally, they must declare the type of enzyme and level of activity to prove that the product does, in fact, break down dead organic matter.

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